Client: Michael Devlin

Place: --
Time: 2019
Techniques: Concept, Animation, Editing

Credits:  Michael Devlin (Original Music)
                  Sander Villers ( Recording & Mastering)

Lament was built around video footage of the evening stroll in February 2012. It shows a walk in the al-Jdayde quarter in Aleppo in Syria just a few weeks before the city was destroyed.

Old Aleppo is the jewel of the Levant and al-Jdayde is one of the jewels of Aleppo. A compact neighbourhood that was home to Muslim, Christian, Greek and Armenian Orthodox communities.
Rather than dwell on the harsh moments of the recent past, the film prefers to reflect on the city as it was; a crossroads of people and cultures. The movie is dedicated to the memory of good moments, good people and the hope of meeting them again