Paulina Zybinska

Creative Technologist &
Interaction Designer 

Based in Zürich.


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Client: Glow Festival

Place: Eindhoven
Time: November 2019
Techniques : Concept, Animation, Projection Mapping, Sound Design

Credits: Jelle van Meerendonk (animation)

Elemental Fusion was presented during the Eindhoven Glow in 2019 with a main theme of "Living Colours". The project dealt with the tension between the colours embodied by the most colourful animals found in nature. We used the beauty of fauna as an allegory for the church windows- boring and undetailed from the outside- they reveal their elegance with the first strokes of sun.

The Steentjeskerk  church only emphasises this contrast: with its modest interior, the stained glass windows are the only ornament which reveals that it is indeed a holy place.